The Girls-Sabrina

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Sabrina head iyr

Sabrina is the daughter of our Brianne and  Barrington’s Reese from Canada.    

I had such a wonderful time on my trip to Canada that I wanted to always remember  it. All of the girls got Canadian names.

Westgate Caniadian Caper     

On October 8, 2013 Brianne was blessed with 3 little angels. We decided to call them Charlies Angels. 

Right to left they are  Jillian, Kelly and Sabrina. Sabrina was the one that caught our eye. She is a little miss



Sabrina has now completed her health testing and passed with flying colors. She will now enter our breeding program to try to pass on her good health.

Most of her results can be seen on the OFFA website. You can use the button above to be transferred to the OFFA site.

 I have also posted the results of her MRI scan here.

Sabrina MRI Scan
Reece 2

Sabrina’s Sire - Barrington’s Reece

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